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Satisfactory sexual performance, Controls premature ejaculation, Controls weakness,Reduces general debility, Enhances virility and vitality, Increases sexual confidence, Increases stamina, Imparts strength to muscles

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Nisargalaya Stamigain
Nisargalaya Stamigain

30 Capsules : $20.95 x nos
60 Capsules (2 x 30 Capsules) : $37.45 x nos

120 Capsules (4 x 30 Capsules) : $69.95 x nos

Stamigain :
Hectic lifestyles have increased the tension in people’s lives these days. This is as relevant in metro’s as it is in other places. It is often found that our bodies get assimilated with these changes and get modified, reducing the performance of various body parts. Busy schedules, excessive travelling and work pressures cause sexual dissatisfaction in many peoples’ lives.
To help prevent the ill effects of all the above factors in modern life, Nisargalaya brings you Stamigain Oil, with which you will experience perfect sexual satisfaction.

Benefits of Stamigain Oil :

  • Satisfactory sexual performance
  • Controls premature ejaculation
  • Controls weakness
  • Reduces general debility
  • Enhances virility and vitality
  • Increases sexual confidence
  • Increases stamina
  • Imparts strength to muscles

Stamigain Capsules
Stamigain Capsuleshave been found to give good results within 2 months of starting the course in people without any systemic disorder. The effect of Stamigain Capsules lasts for two to three years for those who complete the six month course. Persons suffering from diabetes or people above 60 years of age may have to take a one year course of Stamigain Capsules.

Dose and Course
2 capsules twice a day after food (one hour) followed by warm milk or warm water. It has a six month course where the capsules should be taken without any interruption in order to get better results.

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