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Shakthi Powder
Strengthens bones and muscles, Rejuvenates Body by Eliminating Toxins, Purifies Blood and increases Overall Immunity.

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Nisargalaya Shakthi Powder
Nisargalaya Shakthi Powder

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Nisargalaya Shakti Powder :
Nisargalaya Shakti Powder is created by combining 21 Ayurvedic herbs and helps in naturally increasing body weight by 15 kgs for a healthy and attractive body. It strengthens bones and muscles, rejuvenates the entire body by eliminating toxins, purifies blood and increases overall immunity. The herb extracts have a positive effect on all parts of the body keeping it naturally fit.

Dosage of Nisargalaya Shakthi Powder:
Mix 1 tsp. of Nisargalaya Shakti Powder in 200ml of milk, stir well and have before food twice a day for 60 days.

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