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Diacare Capsules
Prevent excessive Weight Gain, Control Blood Sugar Levels and various complications of Diabetes

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Nisargalaya Diacare Capsules
Nisargalaya Diacare Capsules

60 Capsules (1 Bottle) : $19.45 x nos
120 Capsules (2 Bottles x 60 Capsules) : $34.95 x nos

240 Capsules (4 Bottles x 60 Capsules) : $64.45 x nos
Diacare Capsules :
It is a non-hormonal, efficacious and safe formula made from the extracts of herbs which prevent excessive weight gain, control blood sugar levels and various complications of diabetes.

Adjuvant :
Warm water plays a prominent role as an adjuvant with the medicine.
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