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Platinum Facial Kit
Eternal Radiance

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Platinum Facial Kit
Eternal Radiance

Nature's Essence Platinum Facial Eternal Radiance

Nature's Essence Platinum Facial Eternal Radiance - This special Kit is a careful selection of platinum dust, essential oil and waxes which like platinum offers complete purification of the skin and offers platinum like radiance. Give into the glamour and purity of the special nature's platinum facial for getting that eternal radiance.

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Platinum Facial Kit Eternal Radiance

Platinum Tinge (Cleansing Lotion)
This soft cleansing lotion offers protective cleansing without drying skin surface and adding a touch of sheen to the skin while cleansing.
Usage: Apply on the face and clean after 5 min.

Platinum Rose (Scrub Gel)
A gel based scrub which cleanses the dead skin and gives bright tone to the skin.
Usage: Gently scrub the gel evenly with finger tips and clean after 5 min.

Platinum Smooth (Massage Cream)
A deep moisturising and nourishing cream for muscle toning and skin firming ensure smooth and shiny texture.
Usage: Gently massage the cream on face and neck for 15min. clean and apply face pack.

Platinum Princes (Shimmer Face Pack)
Blended with the properties of metal, this pack offers shimmer like shine effect to the skin surface.
Usage: Apply the pack evenly all over the face and clean after 15min. with gentle message with finger tips.

Plantinum Moist
Blend of platinum dust and aloevera juice, its an ideal after pack moisturiser.
Usage: Use after Shimmer face pack for smooth soft skin.

Key Ingredients Qty
Platinum Tinge (Cleanser)
Paltinum dust, Almond extract
Platinum Rose (Scrub Gel)
Patinum dust, rose oil

Platinum Smooth (Massage Cream)
Platinum dust, Olive oil
Platinum princes (Shimmer Face Pack)
Paltinum dust, Kaolin mud
Platinum Moist (Moisturiser Cream)
Paltinum dust, Aloevera juice
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