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Pearl Kit
Pearly White Complexion

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Pearl KitPearl Kit

Nature's Essence Pearl Kit
Pearly White Complexion

1 Pack : $ 43.95 X  nos

Pearl Kit Pearly White Complexion

Cleansing Gel

A special pearl cleanser, which cleanses the skin thoroughly, while offering natural soft peeling effect. This gel helps to clean the impurities and prepare a smooth surface for massage.

Scrub Peel
This facial scrub is strengthened with the calcium strength of pearls and helps to peel the dead skin. Effectively it reduces the transfer of melanin to the epidermal layer and also treats cases of sun burn.

Skin Whitening Cream
This pearl cream is rich in minerals and amino acids which helps to reduce the wrinkles. The pearl extract reduces the transfer of melanin to the skin thereby preventing tanning and patches. It acts as a natural skin whitener.

Rehydrating Glow Pack
A shine booster pearl pack which gives glow and softening effect that lasts longer. Regular application gives improved complexion and smooth skin.

How to use:

Cleansing Gel :
Gently apply the gel on the face and massage gently & clean after 2-3 min.

Scrub Peel :
Apply the scrub on the face and neck and gently massage with hands Clean with moist cotton after 5 minutes.

Skin Whitening Cream :
Can be used as a every day cream or for soft massage once a week for 5-10 minutes.

Rehydrating Glow Pack :
Apply the pearl pack after skin whitening cream and clean after 10-15 min with plain water.

Key Ingredients Qty
Magic Pearl Cleansing Gel 100 gms
Magic pearl Scrub Peel
100 gms
Magic pearl Skin Whitening Cream
100 gms
Magic Pearl Rehydrating Glow Pack
125 gms
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