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Oxygen bleach
Added Ice Cool Pre Bleach Cream

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Oxygen Bleach
Added Ice Cool Pre Bleach Cream

Oxygen bleach Added Ice Cool Pre Bleach Cream
Pack of 258gms

Oxygen Bleach Added Ice Cool Pre Bleach Cream

pack of 258g : $ 21.95 X  nos

Total Qty : 258gm
Consists of    
Cream Bleach : 170gm
Activator Powder : 48gm(6x8gm)
Lacto Bleach : 40gm

Oxygen Bleach Added Ice Cool Pre Bleach Cream

Is recommended for the following skin types

  • Skin exposed to pollution
  • Skin exposed to sunlight
  • Skin with visible signs of agening
  • Skin which is more stressed
  • Skin which is dull and lifeless

How does Oxyfair provide Oxygenation to your skin?
When Oxyfair is applied on the skin.

The released oxygen diffuses in the surface layer of the skin.
Oxygen molecules weave their way through cellular layers and in the process carry active ingredients into your skin Nourishing it, Energizing it and Protecting it.

This Oxyfair (Oxygen Bleach) comes with a natural milk protein based pre bleach cream, which is ammonia free called "lacto bleach". A prior application of this before Oxyfair (Oxygen Bleach) cleanses dead cells and prepares the skin for better bleaching action.

Direction for use:

Wash the face with plain water and pat dry.

Apply the layer of Lacto bleach (Pre Bleach Cream) on the face and neck and leave for 5 min. Clean with water or wet cotton.

Its action prepares the skin for bleaching.

Mix well Oxyfair (Oxygen bleach) with activatore powder in the ratio of 1 portion of activator to 4 portions of cream enough for the desired area's application.

Aply the mixure on the area to be bleached. Avoid application around the eyebrows and around the eyes.

Allow application to remain as per the suggested table.

Wash off the application with plain water and see your skin come alive with a natural and healthy glow.

For the first time users

For first time users, Patch Test is recommended

For patch test prepare a small application as per the instructions and apply it on the arm, If excess irritaton occurs,then you are allergic to the Products. Kindly do not use it.

Important :

Mild irritation is natural during bleaching

The effect of Oxyfair lasts for 2-3 weks

Do not use soap for 5 hours after bleach.

Avoid going into sunlight immediately, for better result apply in the evening.

Do not apply very close to the eye.

A Contemporary Naturae's Essence Product.

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