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Nature's Herbs Bleach Cream
Makes Skin Fairer, Lightens Tanned Skin & Hair ...

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Nature's Herbs Bleach Cream
Aloevera, Tulsi & Turmeric makes you beautiful

Nature's Essence Nature's Herbs Bleach Cream

170g Bleach Cream + 30g Activator Powder

Nature's Herbs Bleach Cream
makes skin fairer, lightens the tanned skin & hair.

Nature's Herbs Bleach Cream Pack contains 170g Bleach cream & 30 g Activator Powder


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Nature's Essence Aromatherapy Beauty Solutions
Timeless Beauty
Nature's Herbs Bleach Cream

Unmatched Natural Radiance The Nature's Way

Nature's Herbs Bleach Cream contains
Cream Bleach - 170g
Activator Powder - 30g

Combination of nature's herbal ingredients like Aloevera, Tulsi & Turmeric makes you beautiful. This bleach cream makes the skin fairer and lightens the tanned skin & hair. Good for sensitive skin. Should be used twice a month.

Usage of Nature's Herbs Bleach Cream:
First clean the face. Mix 2 spatula of bleach cream & 2 pinches of activator powder together. Make sure the ratio is not less than 4(Cream) : 1(Activator). Keep stirring bleach cream & activator for 2 mins, till powder dissolves completely. Apply the mixture on desired areas. Avoid eye brows and area around eyes. Keep the mixture on the skin for at least 10-15 mins. Use normal water to clean.

Patch test is advisable on arms before use. Don't use soap atleast for 6 hours after the bleach.

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