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Diamond Facial Kit

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Nautre's Essence Diamond Facial Kit
Nautre's Essence Diamond Facial Kit
Gives a uniform complexion

Nautre's Essence Diamond Facial Kit

Diamond Facial Kit Contains :

  • Diamond Face Cleanser (Oxygel) : 40g
  • Diamond Scrub Powder (Oxytone) : 30g
  • Diamond Serum (Oxymilk) : 40ml
  • Diamond Skin Cream (Oxyfair) : 40g
  • Diamond Shine Pack (Oxypack) : 40g
  • Diamond Polish Cream (Oxysun) : 60g
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Nature's Essence - Diamond Facial Kit

Diamond Facial gifts a natural tone enhancer and a whitening effect to the skin. It carries Zircon ash & lactic acid which gives a uniform complexion and a smooth texture with polishing application to the skin. It comes with oxygel, Oxytone, Oxy Milk (Serum), Oxyfair Massage Cream, Oxypack and Oxysun Protective Cream. Suitable for all skin types.

Step 1
Diamond Face Cleanser :

This transparent gel blended with Vit.E filled capsule and Diamond Dust provides deep cleansing and skin purifying properties.

Usage of Diamond Face Cleanser :
Gently massage the gel on the wet face and neck for 3-5 minutes and clean with wet cotton.

Step 2
Diamond Scrub Powder :

This powder is the blend of Milk Powder, Orange Oil which polishes the epidermal layer and helps to dislodge the blackheads and dead skin layer.

Usage of Diamond Scrub Powder :
Mix the powder with 'Diamond Serum' to make the paste. Apply on the face and gently rub for 3-4 minutes to clean. Then clean with wet cotton.

Step 3
Diamond Serum :

This transparent Honey, Milk, Orange Oil, Lemon Oil gives protection and skin shne effect Its oxygenating property improves circulation and boosts glow.

Usage of Diamond Serum :
This 'Diamond serum' is used as a mixing base for using Diamond Scrub powder and also with massage cream for better nourishing.

Step 4
Diamond Skin Cream :

It is an oil free cream rich in Vitamin E, Wheat germ oil and Diamond Dust. As this dust, repels water so while massaging Diamond Serum is mixed for better results. It has strong skin polishing effect for giving smooth surface texture to the skin. Also improves complexion.

Usage of Diamond Skin Cream:
Take the required quantity of cream and mix few drops of Diamond Serum in it. Blend well and massage for 7-10 min.till it is completely absorbed. Remove excess cream traceswith wet cotton.

Step 5
Diamond Shine Pack :

Based on Almond Oil, Honey Wax, ZNO this pack lifts the skin, improves the texture and complexion and offer a lasting shine on the skin surface.

Usage of Diamond Shine Pack :
Apply the Pack, leaving the eye area. Leave it for 15 minutes and clean.

Step 6
Diamond Polish Cream :

This special oil free cream is useful to cover the freshly treated skin. It also protects the skin from harmful sun rays. While rubbing it, leaves the shining effect on the epidermal layer.

Usage of Diamond Polish Cream:
Apply this cream on the clean skin and rub gently to spread and massage gently till it is absorbed. Alternatively apply a thick layer for 5 min.& wash with water.

Key Ingredients Qty
Diamond Face Cleanser (Oxygel)
Vit E, Filled Capsule, Sesame Oil, Diamond Dust
Diamond Scrub Powder (Oxytone)
Milk Powder, Bentonite, Orange Oil.
Diamond Serum (Oxymilk)
Honey, Milk, Orange Oil, Lemon Oil
Diamond Skin Cream (Oxyfair)
Vit-E Extract, Wheatgerm Oil, Diamond Dust
Diamond Shine Pack (Oxypack)
Almond Oil, Honey Wax, ZNO
Diamond Polish Cream (Oxysun)
Vit-E Extract, Wheatgerm Oil, Diamond Dust
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