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Moisturizing Age DFI Facial Kit

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Moisturizing Age DFI Facial Kit

Moisturizing Age DFI Facial Kit

Nature's Essence Moisturizing Age DFI Facial
-This Milk and Honey based facial product is good for dry skin type, where the dead skin layer looks dark and wrinkled. Regular use ensures better complexion, skin toning and tightening effect.

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Moisturizing Age DFI Facial

Strawberry Slush
Face cleansing gel

Face cleansing gel the property to keep the texture smooth & soft while cleansing.

Lacto Bleach
Skin bleach cream

Helps to lighten the skin complexion and reduces the effect of dark patches and skin tan. The mosturising property of bleach makes it suitable for normal to dry skin types.

Honey Spring
Skin toner

A cooling and skin softening skin tonic effectively used for cleansing the make-up and dirt and dust particles.

Lilac Lotion
Face and body lotion

A smooth textured face and body mosturising lotion which counteracts dryness and adds soft supple touch to skin.

Nature Tex
Protein face pack

A tightening and protein face pack which is ideal for use on mature, wrinkled & loose skin. It helps to improve the skin’s elasticity and texture.

Clean the skin with Strawberry Slush cleansing gel by gently massaging it for 3-4 min. on the face.
Now apply a thick layer Lacto Bleach on the dark & tanned skin. Leave it for 10-15 min. and clean by gently rubbing it, It is an unique skin bleach cream which improves skin complexion.
Tone up the skin with Honey Spring toner.
Massage Lilac Lotion on the skin for 10-15 min. Till it is completely absorbed.
Now apply Nature Tex Protein pack on the face and neck area. Leave it for 10-15 min and clean. This is a moisturizing & skin re vitalizing pack.
Tone up again with Honey Spring toner.

Key Ingredients Qty
Strawberry Slush Face Cleansing Gel
Lacto Bleach -Skin Bleach Cream
Honey Spring - Skin Toner
Lilac Lotion - Face and Body Lotion
Nature Tex
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