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Gold Bleach
Fairness Bleach Cream

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Gold Bleach
Fairness bleach Cream

Gold Bleach Fairness Bleach Cream

Gold Bleach Fairness Bleach Cream

86g (2 x 43g): $ 13.95 X  nos
172g (4 x 43g): $ 18.45 X  nos

Gold Bleach Fairness Bleach Cream

Lightens hair to match the skin color and make the skin fairer and glowing. Its mild formula gives more natural texture with no irritation to the skin.

Usage : First clean the face. Mix 2 spatulas of bleach cream and 2 pinches of activator powder together. Make sure the ratio is not less than 4(cream): 1(activator). Keep stirring bleach cream and activator for 2 mins, till powder dissolves completely. Apply the mixture on desired areas. Avoid eye brows and area around eyes. Keep the mixture on the skin for at least 10-15 mins. Use normal water to clean.

Note : Patch test is advisable on arms before use. Don'd use soap at least for 6 hours after bleach.

Contains HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (3% wt. per wt.)

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