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Fruit Facial kit

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Fruit Facial Kit

Nature's Essence Fruit Facial Kit

Nature's Essence Fruit Facial Kit
Fruit Facial Kit is special blend of vitaminised fruits with orange, pineapple, apple, coconut and saffron. The special properties and fruits give natural skin glow, improved skin texture and fair complexion. It can used for all skin types.

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Fruit Facial kit

Step : 1

Almond Care
A non-foaming cleansing lotion which helps to remove the deep seated pollutants and dust particles from skin pores. Regular use ensures fresh and clean look. Also ideal for removing the traces of make-up.
Take a little on the cottonball and clean the face and neck thoroughly.

Setp : 2

Orange Scrub Pack:
A fruit based scrub pack which helps to dislodge the black-heads and also impart a glow on the skin. Ideal for normal to oily skin type.
Apply the scrub on a wet face, rub for 3-5 min. Let it dry and clean with cold water.

Step : 3

Saffron Care
An ayurvedic face massage formula with anti-ageing properties to maintain the elasticity & firmness and improves the skin texture.
Use: Use the required cream for face massage after thorough cleansing.

Step : 4

Apple Pack
An apple based Face pack which improves the skin texture, firmness and elasticity. An ideal choice for instant glowing effect.
Use : Apply the pack on the face and neck & clean after 15 minutes.

Step : 5

Coconut Care : Based on ayurvedic formula. This cream improves the skin complexion, reduces tanning effect of sun while maintaning the suppleness of the skin.
Use : Apply the crea, after moisturising and leave it on.

Key Ingredients Qty
Aolmond Care
Butea Monosperma 3.5%, Myristica Fragrans 0.75%, Prenus Amygdolus 2.90%, Cydonia Oblonga 4.5%, Zea May’s 15.20%, Honey Wax 2.5%, Gelidium Cartlagidum 8.5%.
Orange Scrub pack
Juglans Regia 8%, Citrus Retriculata 7.5%, Cydonia Oblonga 4%, Butea Monosperma 4.5%, Azadirachta Indiaca 3.65%, Haematite 5.75%, Bisulphate of Zinc 9.5%, Fuller’s Earth 25%, Rubia Cardifolia 7%, Distilled Water Q.S.
Saffron Care
Honey 0.50%, Crocus Sativus 0.1%, Triticum Sativum 1.2%, Azadirachta Indica 0.5%, Pistachio Vera 1.05%, Cocos Nucifer 10.5%, Honey Wax 12.7%, Gelidium Cartlagidum 4.5%, Brassica Juncea 3.7%, Distilled Water Q.S
Apple Pack
Pyrus Melus 4.5%, Ananas Comosus 3.75, Ocimum Sanctum 5.20, Santalum Album 1.2%, Rosa Centifolia 1.9%, Olea Europoea 3.75%, Fuller’s Earth 12.5%, Honey Wax 7%, Cocos Nucifera 1075%, Distilled Water Q.S.
Coconut Care
Best before 24 months from the date of mgf. Suitable for all skin types. Incase of irritation, wash immediately Keep out of reach of children Store in cool & dry place for external use only.
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