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Anti pollution Facial

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Anti Pollution Facial

Anti Pollution Facial

Nature's Essence Anti Pollution facial
- Ideal for oily, polluted and acne prone skin types. Helps in easing clogged pores. Use of the flower essence based facial kit ensures skin softening and silky smooth skin texture.

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Anti pollution Facial

Alkaline face cleanser

Cleanses the skin by controlling the natural acidic secretions and removes dirt and dust particles from the skin pores.

Tan Clear
Foamy scrub gel

Protects the skin from harmful effects of sun rays and its foam helps to peel the skin surface to give reduced (lighter) effect of tan.

Snowhite Salsa
Fairness lotion

Improve skin complexion there by reducing the effects of tanning. Everyday use makes the skin look fairer. Also effective for hands, feet and other exposed parts of body.

Passionate Pink
Oily skin cream

This cream is developed to give gentle massage to improve the skin texture, tautness and sheen.

Flora Pack
Floral face pack

A skin lightening face pack to ensure glow and firmness to the skin. Its unique fragrance makes it a first choice to use at any occasion.

Clean the skin with Naturozema face cleanser.
Gently rub for 2-3 min. and clean with wet cotton.
Apply Tan Clear scrub gel, which dislodges the blackheads, its foamy effect controls oiliness and scrub granules open the clogged pores.
Gently rub for 3-4 min and clean with fresh water.
Massage the skin surface softly with Passionate Pink cream for 10 min and clean.
Apply Flora face pack and leave it on for 10-15 min.
Clean with wet cotton. Gently apply Snowhite Salsa as a final skin cover for protection from pollution and exposure.
Use advised every 15 days for better cleansing and fresh looking, silky smooth skin.

Key Ingredients Qty
Naturo Zema – Alkaline cleanser
Tan Clear – Foamy Scrub Gel
Snowhite Salsa – Fairness Lotion
Passionate Pink – Oily skin cream
Flora Pack – Floral Face Pack
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