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Hair Tonic
Enrich with Indigofera and Ecllipa leaf
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Hair tonic

Hair Tonic

Hair Tonic
Enriched with Indigofera and Ecllipa leaf


Hair Tonic

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Complete Hair Care

Benefits of More On Hair Tonic:

More on hair tonic is vital extract of indigofera. Ecllipa leaf extracts with coconut oil and milk, are substances that act as a rejuvenative and slow down the ageing process. Indeed, this is one of the most effective herbs for hair care and is vital ingredient used to promote healthy hair growth and reduce hair loss. The vital extract of indigofera, eclipta leaf extracts with coconut oil and milk combination helps to pacify this and promote hair growth. Regular massage using more on hair tonic increases the circulation of blood to the scalp. In turn, this activates the hair follicles, resulting in increased hair growth and more lustrous. Regular use of more on hair tonic helps to pacify the vitiated pitta and thus, helps to relieve stress. On a relate note, massage with bhringraj oil also helps to provide relief from tension and headaches.

Key ingredients of of Hair Tonic:

Indigofera, Eclipta leaf extracts with coconut oil and milk. Benefits: Long lasting lightweight moisture, Envious softness & shine from first use infused with herbs, botanicals & 100% essential oils, generous amounts of nourishing oils & plan butters, promotes healthy hair growth, keeps dandruff and graying away, reduces stress, gives hair a glossy, black color, softens and conditions hair.

Direction for usage of Hair Tonic:

More on hair tonic is a natural product. Massage the oil gently on the scalp and leave it on for 30 mins. Then wash it off with more on nutrient hair wash shampoo for better result. Also can be used regularly better result like hair oil.

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