Kesavardhini Hair Oil
Grows Healthy Hair

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Kesavardhini Oil

Kesavardhini Hair Oil

Hair needs nourishment. There is no better substitute to oil when it comes to providing this much needed nourishment. Just as the lack of water dehydrates you, the lack of oil causes dryness in the hair and scalp.
Use vegetable oil with an adequate mix of the Indian woman's favourite oil, Kesavardhini Concentrate oil, and help your hair roots grow stronger.

Directions for Use :

Mix each bottle of kesavardhini with 100ml of Coconut, Olive or Mustard oil. Part the hair and as you apply the mixed oil massage the scalp gently and systematically for about 10 minutes every day so that the nourishment is worked into every inch of the scalp. Give the hair a good brushing.

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