Mayil's Hair Plus
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Mayil's Hair+ Plus Hair Tonic
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Mayil's Hair+ Plus
100% Herbal Hair Tonic
Arrests Hair Fall, Tones Scalp

Hair Plus Hair Tonic is a "Proprietary Siddha Medicine"

This herbal hair oil is made from proven & time tested indian herbs. It contains no chemical substance and is 100% herbal.

It contains Ingredients of:

Cocos Nucifera - 80%
Azadirachta Indica - 2.5%
Eclipta Prostata - 1%
Emblica Officinalis - 1%
Centella Asiatica - 1%
Glycyrnhiza Glabra - 1%
Cyperus Rotundus - 1%
Elettaria Cardamomum - 1%
Citrus Colocynthis - 1%
Phyllanthus Emblica - 1%
Pongania Glabra - 1%
Hibiscus Rosasinensis - 1%
and Cows Milk - 10%
Seasanum indigum oil q.s

Hair plus Herbal hair tonic contains the choicest herbal ingredients from South India to treat baldness (Alopecia) and to promote luxuriant hair growth in both men & women.
Hair Plus Herbal Hair Tonic is not a hair oil. It is a "Hair Tonic", a thin solution which will penetrate the skin and reach the hair roots.
Most of the herbal ingredients in Hair Plus Hair Tonic have experience of several centuries in the history of herbal medicine in India.

Hair Plus 
Hair Tonic stimulates hair growth effectively. Effectiveness and safety have been proven. Hair Plus Hair tonic arrests hair falls and promotes thick hair growth. Hair Plus Hair Tonic is the only one of its kind to have been medically tested and certified by eminent doctors in the field. Medical tests and user's testimonials confirm Hair Plus Hair tonic is useful in the prevention and treatment of Alopecia(Baldness). All men, Women, and Children of all age groups can use Hair Plus Hair Tonic every day to stop hair fall and to promote thick and long hair growth. One must continue to apply Hair Plus Hair Tonic every day continuously with perseverance as directed. No guaranteed time span can be defined for results in every individual. Though the success rates recorded so far in hair growth problems including Alopecia (Baldness) is very high, still no guarantee is given in all cases. Many reputed skin specialists, Gynaecologists, Endocrinologists and other doctors have tried Hair Plus Hair Tonic in numerous patients and have reported excellent results with safety in hair growth problems including baldness.

Directions for use:
First shake the bottle well before each use. Take one teaspoonful of Hair Plus Hair Tonic (or more according to the scalp area) and spread uniformly  at the hair roots on the scalp. Apply only on the scalp on wanted areas including bald areas.
  • Gently message with finger tips. Do not mix any other oil with Hair Plus Hair Tonic.
  • Ideally, apply Hair Plus Hair Tonic at least once in the morning after bath, and once one hour before retiring to bed in the night.
  • You can wash hair either everyday or once or twice a week as you like.
  • If you must use a shampoo use a branded mild shampoo diluted with water. Ideally avoid shampoos.
  • If you must use hair dye, apply the dye superficially on the hair without touching the scalp skin.
  • Numerous users and doctors have reported excellent results with Hair Plus Hair Tonic. Earliest signs of improvements may be percievable in many cases between 60 days to 180 days. In some cases it may take longer. In Alopecia (Baldness) it take time depending on androgen levels, nutritional status, disease affections and genetic factors.
  • Hair Plus Hair Tonic appears to be free from any serious side effects or adverse reactions. Hair Plus Hair Tonic is for external use only.