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Wartex Pills, Drops and Cream
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Wartex Pills, Drops and Cream

Wartex Pills, Drops and Cream

For Warts and Corns

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Wartex Pills, Drops and Cream


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Benefits of Wartex Pills , Drops and Cream

Wartex is a safe, effective and painless medication to effectively deal with warts and corns. Warts and Corns are a common occurence, which is often neglected or removed in ways by which there is a chance of recurrence.

Wartex is a dermatologist or physician's answer to treat warts and corns in a Safe, Effective, Painless and Easy Way without causing any scars or marks as an after effect. Wartex, has the therapeutic property of tackling the affected part by softening the circular skin bed and elminating it from within. Wartex is recommended in all types of warts, corns and also beneficial in treating benign epithelial tumors, hyperkeratosis. Wartex Pills is recommended for mild symptoms and Wartex Drops for acute symptoms.

Oral Drops: Antimonium Crudum 1M, Causticum 1M, Thuja Occidentalis 1M,
Pills: Causticum 200, Thuja Occidentails 200,
Cream: Antimonium Crudum 1x.

Oral Drops: 8-10 Drops 3 to 4 times a day.
Pills: 2 Pills upto 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.
Cream: Apply locally two times a day