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Easident Pills
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Easident Pills

Easident Pills

Prevent the severity of the dentition problems

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Easident Pills

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Benefits of Easident Pills

Easident is recommended for infants from age of 4 months, when they are teething. During the teething period, children become restless, irritable and suffer from a bout of diarrhoea followed with loss of appetite due to irritation in gums, cold and fever.

The combination of three most effective Homoeopathic remedies, Easident Pills have effectively relieved dentition disorders. It is recommended to be given regularly during the teething stage. Helps to prevent the severity of the dentition problems and promotes Healthier and Easier Dentition. A combination of three very effective Homoeopathic remedies which relieve Dentition Disorders such as Uneasiness and Irritability in Children. Dentition diarrhoea, Loss of appetite, Cold and Fever.


Calcarea Phosphorica 12, Lecithin 12, Chamomilla 30.


4 to 6 months : 2 pills three times a day.
6 months an dabove : 4 pills three times a day. or as prescribed by the physician. Contraindications : None Known