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Beckoment Cream
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Beckoment Cream

Beckoment Cream

Preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

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Beckoment Cream

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Benefits of Beckoment Cream

Beckoment Creams are a unique range of Genuine Water Soluble Creams with High Penetrative Properties prepared for a variety of skin ailments. Beckoment Creams acts as a cooling agent, enhancing the efficacy of the treatment and gives a soothing effect on the skin, giving relief, hence a popular local application for children and adults alike and recommended by physicians.

Beckoment Creams are prepared in a strictly hygienic environment, with the entire manufacturing and packaging process carried out by Automatic Machines, to ensure the purity and quality of the medicine. It is beneficial for physicians and dermatologists, who want to enhance the healing process by prescribing effective external application, for specific skin treatments.
They are specially beneficial in ailments, where sulpha-based ointments/ antibiotics are considered harmful. For better and quicker results, Oral Homoeopathic Treatment, under physician's guidance, is recommended.


Arsenicum Sulphoratum Flavom 3x, Psoralea Cor. Ext. 0.


Apply twice daily or as prescribed by the physician
Contraindications : None Known