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Cure for Cracks on Heels, Infection between Toes and Fingers, Ringworm, Pityriasis Versicolor (Tenia Versicolor)
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Lichensa Ointment

Lichensa Ointment

Anti Fungal Topical Ointment

Lichensa Ointment

for the treatment of cracks on heels, dhobi's itch, diaper rash, napkin rash, nail infection, and fungal infection between fingers and toes, boils and bedsores.

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Lichensa Ointment

Total Healing touch for Fungal Skin Infections.

This anti-fungal topical ointment is free from steroids and is a sure cure for cracks on heels, infection between toes and fingers (candidiasis), ringworm, pityriasis versicolor, etc. Further, application of Lichensa is an ideal solution to solve the problem of groin itch, napkin rash and diapher rash.

The ointment has antiseptic properties. Apart from curing, use of this ointment regenerates lacerated skin. On application it gives a soothing and cooling effect and LICHENSA is a total healing touch for fungal skin infections and it is free from the side effects of topical steroids.

Indications for use of Lichensa Ointment

  • Cracks on Heels
  • Fungal infection between fingers and toes
  • Napkin Rash
  • Dhobi's Itch
  • Diaper Rash (Adult & Children)
  • Bed Sores
  • Heat Boils
  • Nail Infection

  • Advantage of Using Lanolin Base Lichensa

    The base in LICHENSA is Lanolin. Lanolin is the one nearest to the human fat and any medicine in Lanolin base is easily absorbed. There are other bases which costs far less are available and are used in other products. But we persist in using lanolin as we feel that, you, the consumer i.e. the user should be benefited more.

    Direction for use of Lichensa Ointment

    Wash affected area with soap and water. Apply LICHENSA in a thick uniform layer. Repeat twice a day,once during the day and once before going to bed. Use Slippers while walking about inside your home. Keep your feet clean and free ofdust and dirt. Wearing shoes and socks while going outdoors can also help prevent cracks. Regular application of LICHENSA will keep your feet soft and beautiful. LICHENSA does not stain your clothes. If the cracks are deep, remove the dirt from the cracks thoroughly by washing with soap and water and then apply LICHENSA for quick relief. You will see the change with just 3 applications.

    Composition of Lichensa Ointment

    Clotrimazole, Menthol, Zinc oxide, Boric acid, Lanolin base.