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Semparuthi Soap
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Semparuthi Soap
Prevents hair fall
Lemuria Herbs Semparuthi Soap

Lemuria Herbs - Semparuthi Hair Care Soap

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Lemuria Semparuthi Soap
Hibiscus is traditionally used for hair

Semparuthi is a herbal hair care soap which gives strength to hair and prevents hair fall.

Benefits of Lemuria Hair Care Semparuthi Soap :

  • Hibiscus is used for shiny hair.
  • It also a ph indicator & provides treatment for headache.
  • The plant has many hidden medicinal values.

Ingredients of Lemuria Herbs Semparuthi Soap :

  • Coconut Oil : 68%. 
  • Hibiscus Powder : 20%
  • Essential Oils : 2%
  • Other Substances : 10%

Contains No Animal Fat, No Artificial Colours & No Detergent.

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