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Amla Soap
Increases hair growth & enhances black colour
Lemuria Herbs Amla Soap

Lemuria Herbs - Amla Hair Care Soap Enriched With Vitamin C- It acts as a remedy for dandruff and vitamin C acts as a conditioner which reduces hair fall.

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Shikakai Soap
for hair cleaning & conditions
Lemuria Herbs Shikakai Soap

Lemuria Herbs - Shikakai Soap -Shikakai is traditionally used for hair Cleaning & Conditions.

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Semparuthi Soap
Prevents hair fall
Lemuria Herbs Semparuthi Soap

Lemuria Herbs- Semparuthi Soap -Semparuthi is a herbal hair care soap which gives strength to hair and prevents hair fall.

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Henna Soap
Strengthening hair roots
Lemuria Herbs Henna Soap

Lemuria Herbs - Henna Soap - Henna prvents hair fall and improves sleep. Henna is known for reducing body heat and strengthening hair roots.

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Lemuria Herbs Skin Care
Red Sandal Fairness Soap ( Improves skin glow ) Kasturi Manjal Antibiotic Soap ( Improves face and skin colour ) Manjal Women Face Beauty Soap ( Improve skin complexion )
Pungai Medicated Skin Care Soap ( for curing skin diseases ) Bengalgram Skin Care Soap ( Enhances skin texture & complexion ) Aloe Vera Herbal Moisturizing Soap ( Enhances beauty & skin moisturizing )
Neem Antibacterial & Antifungal Soap ( for fungal infections ) Thulasi Anti-Acne Soap ( Reduces acne & pimples )  

Lemuria Body Care
Vetiver Body Coolant Soap ( Gives pleasant natural smell to body ) Green Gram Herbal Heat Control Soap ( for reducing body heat )  

Lemuria Hair Care
Semparuthi Hair Care Soap ( Provides treatment for headache ) Amla Hair Care Soap ( Remedy for dandruff & reduces hair fall ) Henna Hair Care Soap ( Used for hair growth & enhanced colour )
Shikakai Hair Care Soap ( Prevention of hair fall )