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Kaya Diamond Facial Kit

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Kaya Diamond Facial Kit

Kulsum's Kaya Diamond Facial Kit
Kulsum's Kaya Diamond Facial Kit

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Kulsum's Kaya Kalp Herbals
Kaya Diamond Facial Kit

Kulsum's Kaya Diamond Cleanser :
A powerful unique diamond cleanser, clears all impurities from the skin surface and does not disturb its moisture balance. Because of diamond ash and precious ayurvedic herbs it smoothen the skin.

Kulsum's Kaya Diamond Marrow :
An ancient remedy of rare and precious ayurvedic herbs, rich with the goodness of almond and ash of diamond. It improve the skin texture and metabolism. Diamond also regenerates new skin cells. It nourishes the skin while making it fairer and smoother.

Kulsum's Kaya Diamond Cream :
Rich with the goodness of natural ayurvedic heritage, ash of diamond and almond oil. It contains Vit-"E" and rejuvenates the skin and controls natural ageing, removes toxins and does new cell regeneration to make the skin healthy. A time tested concept, it helps to rejuvenate inactive cells, ageing skin and makes the skin glow and cool.

Kulsum's Kaya Diamond Mask:
A perfect blend of aloe vera, ash of diamond, wheat germ oil and minerals to make a complete skin food. It gives radiance to the tired and undernourished skin by removing dead epithelial cells and makes it look naturally youthful.

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