Kaya Kalp Herbals

Kulsum's Kaya Kalp Herbals

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Kulsum's Kaya Kalp Herbals

"Kulsum's Kaya Kalp Herbal - a chain of beauty Saloons and Kulsum's Kaya Kalp Herbals is a part of a beauty culture brought to us by Mrs.Kulsum Sultana Nee Malik".
Kulsum Malik has recaptured the secrets of the beautiful Royal Rajput women and the Aristocracy of the Nawab culture through a range of time tested Ayurvedic concepts now brought to the women of today, in the form of her eco friendly herbal products. These products are packed with nature's best beauty ingredients in all their natural goodness.

Kaya Skin Care Kaya Facial Kit

Kaya Cleanse Cactus Aloevera Cleansing Cream

Kaya Clove Acne Removal Pack

Kaya Gold Cream Natural Age Defying Wonder

Kaya Gold Gel Natural Age Defying Wonder

Kaya Gold Pack

Kaya Herb Ayurvedic Hair Oil Lock Hair Falls

Kaya Hide N Heal Sandalwood Protective Base

Kaya Hollyhock Skin Rejuvenating Treatment

Kaya Life Anti Ageing Nourishing Facial Cream

Kaya Marrow Skin Rejuvenator Fairness Pack

Kaya Moon Sandalwood Cleansing Milk

Kaya Protex Nourishing Face Pack

Kaya Rose Skin Toner

Kaya Seaweed Gel Anti Dark Circle Remover

Kaya Silk Sunscreen Lotion

Kaya Silver Cream Anti Ageing Skin Whitening

Kaya Silver Gel Natural Age Defying Wonder

Kaya Zeema Ayurvedic Skin Purifying Soap

Kaya Papaya Fairness Pack

Kaya Sunblock Lotion Complete Sunguard

Kaya Veda Tex Face Pack

Kaya Moist Dates Enriched Moisturiser

Kaya Walnut Scrub Dead Cell Polisher

Kaya White Lily Ayurvedic Rehydrant Lotion

Kaya Clear Anti Pimple Lotion

Kaya Bio Fruit Shine Citrus Face Pack

Kaya Mask I Rejuvenating Anti Wrinkle Face Pack

Kaya Crop Peel Unique Vegetable Peeling for Scars, Acne etc

Kaya 24 Carat Gold Facial Kit

Kaya Silver Facial Kit

Kaya Chocolate Facial Kit

Kaya Skin Whitening Facial Kit

Kaya Strawberry Facial Kit

Kaya Diamond Facial Kit