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Kartika Hair Vitalizer
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Kartika Hair Vitalizer
Prevents Hairfall, Strengthens Weak Hair, Removes Dandruff.
Kartika Hair Vitalizer

Karthika Hair Vitalizer Prevents Hairfall, Strengthens Weak Hair, Removes Dandruff.

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Kartika Hair Vitalizer - Careless makes you Hairless!

It is a Herbal (Siddha) Medicine, Not a Cosmetic product

Kartika hair vitalizer is being prepared with eleven rare herbs using modern technology. It gives good hair growth and natural strengthening to weak hair roots. The one and only relief to problems regarding hair fall, dandruff, and gray hair is Karthika Hair Vitalizer.

Benefits of Kartika Hair Vitalizer:

For the past 190 years Karthika has been manufacturerd by good and genuine siddha methods. You will come to know the efficacy of its usage in 2-3 hours after using it.

*Removes Dandruff.
*Prevents Hairfall.
*Strengthens Weak Hair.
*Grows healthy, thick and shiny hair.
*Cools head and eyes.
*Produced from eleven herbs.
*Concentrated and filtered seven times with coconut oil.
*Penetrates deeply into hair roots.

Directions for use of Kartika Hair Vitalizer

It secures hair from shedding down avoiding heat generated in head. Those who have severe dandruff disturbances must apply one full lemon juice for 15 minutes on head. After that take bath with shampoo or sigaikai. After hair wash apply 5-10 ml Karthika hair Vitalizer to the same wet head and take bath by not applying either shampoo or sigaikai. Continue this process for 15 days for relief from dandruff disturbances. After that stop using lemon amd continue only with Kartika Hair Vitaliser.


First shake the bottle well, then massage gently with finger, under the hair by taking 5-10ml. As there is a chance to freeze store Karthika in warm and dry places.

Each 10ml of Kartika Hair Vitalizer Contains:

  • Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis 900mg
  • Alternanthera Sessiles 550mg
  • Phylanthus Emblica (Fruit) 500mg
  • Lawsonia Inermis 500mg
  • Eclipta Prostata 500mg
  • Rosa Calica 250mg
  • Coeus Vettiverodes 150mg
  • Phyla Nodiflora 150mg
  • Nelumbo Nucifera 150mg
  • Rubia Tinctorum 150mg
  • Cassia Angustifolia 100mg
  • Coconut Oil Q.S. to 10ml