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K-Vita (AyuVita) Capsules
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K-Link Ayurveda K-Vita Capsules

K-Vita (AyuVita) Capsules

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K-Link Ayurveda

K-Vita (AyuVita) Capsules

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Improves general metabolic activity

K-Vita is a proven herbal tonic that rejuvenates the system, enhances beauty and improves vitality. It stimualtes digestive process, promotes luster and glow to the complexion.

Benefits of K-Link K-Vita Capsules :

Promotes strength and vigor
Helps delay ageing process
Helps in general weakness
Helps in debility, ageing and stress induced disorders
Improves resistance against infections
Helps in genitourinary diseases, hemorrhagic and leucorrhoea

Indications for use of K-Ayurveda (K-Link) K-Vita Capsules :

Delays Ageing / Manopause, General Weakness, Stress, Genitourinary Diseases, Hemorrhagic, Leucorrhoea, Fertility.

Dosage of K-Ayurveda K-Vita Capsules :

2 Capsules thrice daily, preferably with milk or fruit juice.