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K-Asmo (AyuAsmo) Capsules
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K-Link Ayurveda K-Asmo Capsules

K-Asmo (AyuAsmo) Capsules

For Respiratory Tract Infections, Cough and Cold

K-Link Ayurveda

K-Asmo (AyuAsmo) Capsules

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Respiratory / Breathing Dysfunction

K-Asmo is a herbal combination that provides nutritional support for respiratory system, whose function is to neutralize and reject dust, pollen, pollutants and micro-organisms.

Respiratory tract problems are due to prolonged or persistent condition of respiratory / breathing dysfunction that results in oxygenation of carbon dioxide eliminated at a rate that is insufficient to meet the demands of the body. If severe, it could impair the function of vital organs in our body.

Benefits of K-Link K-Asmo Capsules :

Helps to relieve mild cough
Eases expectoration
Clears respiratory congestion
Restores normal breathing
Soothes sore throat.

Indications for use of K-Ayurveda (K-Link) K-Asmo Capsules :

Cough, Respiratory Tract Infections, Cold, Sore Throat, Wheezing, Runing Nose, Asthma.

Dosage of K-Ayurveda K-Asmo Capsules :

2 Capsules thrice daily till symptoms are relieved.

Dietary Advice :

Avoid refrigerated food and drinks, fried, oily and spicy food, alcohol and smoking. Avoid exposure to cold wind and polluted atmosphere.

Causes :

1. Environmental Pollution 2. Allergy To Pollution, Pollen, Dust Etc 3. Smoking 4. Intake of refrigerated fods and drinks.