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K-Artis (AyuArtis) Oil
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K-Link Ayurveda K-Artis Oil

K-Artis (AyuArtis) Oil

For joint pains

K-Link Ayurveda

K-Artis (AyuArtis) Oil

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For rheumatic discomfort

K-Artis Oil for relief from any joint pains, muscular strains and body aches. The natural oils used in K-Artis penetrate deeply into dermal layers soothing the nervous and cells beneath the skin resulting in fast action and prompt relief from joint pains, muscular strains, swelling of joints, headache.

Benefits of K-Link Ayurveda K-Artis Oil :

Relieves joint discomfort
Maintains joint mobility
Reduces stiffness and improves functional capability.
For better results use K-Artis Oil with K-Artis Capsules

Dietary Advice :

For maximum benefit, avoid sour, fermented and refrigerated food. Protect affected portion of body from cold wind and air conditioners.