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K-Artis (AyuArtis) Capsule
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K-Link Ayurveda K-Artis Capsules

K-Artis (AyuArtis) Capsule

For Arthritis and Joint Pains

K-Link Ayurveda

K-Artis (AyuArtis) Capsule

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Reduces stiffness and improves functional capability

K-Artis is a herbal combination that is designed to alleviate discomfort and reduce inflammation of the joints. This is a well balanced composition of time tested authentic herbal ingredients. K-Artis expels toxins and allergens that may contribute to inflammation and reduces excess fluid build up. K-Artis contains herbs that helps to reduce degeneration of the joints and strengthens connective tissues and bones.

According to Ayurvedic principle, the cause is triggered by the body's failure to eliminate and excrete the acidic waste materials of body metabolism. When such deposits become lodged in the skeletal system, particularly in muscle fiber, it could leads to various types of rheumatic discomforts.

Benefits of K-Link K-Artis Capsules :

Relieves joint discomfort
Maintains joint mobility
Reduces stiffness and improves functional capability
Alleviates discomfort and reduces inflammation of the joints
Reduces excess fluid build-up
Artis expels toxins and allergens that may contribute to inflammation

Indications for use of K-Link Ayurveda K-Artis Capsules :

Joint Pain, Arthritis, Joint Stiffness, Sprains and Strains.

Dosage of K-Ayurveda K-Artis Capsules :

2 Capsules thrice daily till the symptoms are relieved.

Dietary Advice :

For maximum benefit, avoid sour, fermented and refrigerated food. Protect affected portion of body from cold wind and air conditioners.

Causes :

1. Aging Process 2. Wear And Tear Of Joints And Muscles 3. Excessive Physical Work 4. Sprains And Strains