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Jovees Pediglow Foot Care Kit
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Jovees Pediglow Foot Care Kit
Jovees Pediglow Foot Care Kit
[Foot Cleanser(120ml) - Foot Exfoliator(100g) - Foot Cream(75g)]

Jovees Pediglow Foot Care Kit

Kit contains Foot Cleanser - 120ml, Foot Exfoliator - 100g, Foot Cream - 75g

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Jovees Pediglow Foot Care Kit

Foot Care Kit contains Foot Cleanser, Foot Exfoliator, Foot Cream
Jovees Foot Care Kit

Finest ingredients balanced in harmony with natural essences.

Jovees Pediglow

Our feet are the workhorses of our bodies, they need very special care to carry us forward. Jovees presents specially developed Pediglow 1-2-3 Foot Care Kit that would help keep hardened skin and calluses at bay. Each product has been formulated to gently heal rough and cracked feet. It shall help soften the skin for super smooth and touchable feet.

Method of use of Jovees Pediglow Foot Care Kit :

Foot Cleanser - 120ml

Step 1 :

Pour sufficient quantity of Foot Cleanser on the palm of your hand. Rub the cleanser over your feet. Don't forget to include between the toes, rinse thoroughly with normal water. Pat dry.

Ingredients of Foot Cleanser :

Lemon peel extract, Tengerine peel extract, Witch hazel extract, Rosemary extract, Wild Cherry extract.

Foot Exfoliator - 100g
Step 2 :

Take sufficient quantity of Foot Exfoliator and gently massage all over feet for at least 12 minutes using upward and downward strokes. For smooth strokes use a few drops of water while doing the massage. Wash thoroughly with plain water. Pat dry.

Ingredients of Foot Exfoliator :

Papaya Seed Extract, Honey, Safflower Oil, White Cumin Oil, Chamomile Extract

Foot Cream - 75g
Step 3 :

Apply sufficient quantity of Olive and Turmeric Foot Care Cream all over the feet and leave on.

Ingredients of Foot Cream :

Olive Oil, Turmeric Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Fenugreek extract, Shala extract, Neem and Lemon extract.