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Jovees Hydra Kiwi Fruit Lip Balm SPF 10
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Jovees Hydra Passion Fruit Lip Balm

Jovees Kiwi Fruit Lip Balm

Jovees Hydra Lip Care Kiwi Fruit Lip Balm SPF 10

Naturally soft nourished lips

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Jovees Kiwi Fruit Lip Balm

Naturally soft nourished lips

Kiwi fruit has the outstanding ability to hydrate, nourish and heal sensitive skin providing you yo have soothing lip protection at all times. It is also an active antioxidants and is able to absorb free radicals, which are resposible for skin cell damage. A most effective formula, which naturally moisturizes and soothes dry chapped lips. This Kiwi fruit Lip Care formula contains sun protection factors (SPF 10) to protect the lips from the harsh elements of nature whilst hydrating the skin of the lips.

Method of use of Jovees Hydra Kiwi Fruit Lip Balm

Apply liberally to lips as needed.

Active Ingredients of Jovees Kiwi Fruit Lip Balm

Kiwi Fruit seed oil, Avocado Oil, Red apple seed oil, Cherry kernel oil, Apricot seed oil, Mango butter, Honeydew seed oil, Vitamin E, Carnauba wax, Natural bees wax.