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Papaya Facial Kit Natural Extract
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Papaya Facial Kit Natural Extract

Papaya Facial Kit Natural Extract

Lighten marks, Remove spots, Provides vitamins

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Ergo Gold Facial Kit

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Step 1: Ergo Papaya Cleanser
It deep cleanses without over drying or irritating the skin. It penetrates deep in ot the pores to eliminate most acne, blemishes and keep the pores clog free & stabilize oil secretion. It reduces pigmentation and lightens the skin.

Gently massage the cream for 3 to 5 minutes with wet hands & remove it with moist cotton. Skin is cool and calm, it improves skin tone and textures and the skin is ready for further.

Step 2: Ergo Papaya Scrub
Cleanse deeply ingrained impurities and exfoliates deed cells. It refines skin texture and helps to fade tiny lines leaving skin smooth & refreshed.

Step 3: Ergo Papaya Cream
It contains natural alpha hydroxy acid and pure essential oils richen a vitamin that easily penetrates to nourish the skin and makes the skin soft & glowing. It also stimulates blood circulation.

Apply cream all over the neck massage for 8 to 10 minutes in circular motion. Massage till it absorbed in to the skin. Remove it with moist cotton.

Step 4: Ergo Papaya Pack
This pack boosts collagen formulation and firm’s skin making the epidermis calmer, smoother and firmer. This formula moisturizer the skin and helps to reduce visible signs of aging & premature ageing.

Apply pack in a thick layer all over the face & neck area with fingertips. Avoid areas around eyes and leave it till dries off. Remove it with moist cotton and wash off.

Step 5: Ergo Lacto Bleach:
Milk proteins and honey enriched special skin bleach cream helps remove the epidermal sun tan, there by restoring the natural fairness of the skin and also preventing pigmentation due to harmful sun rays. It helps to enhance facial glow.

Apply a layer on the face/neck and keep it on for 15 to 20 min and after soft massage remove with cotton. Advised to be used every week to restore natural color and glow of skin.

Kit Contents Net Content
Papaya Cleaner 50 gms
Papaya Scrub 50 gms
Papaya Cream 50 gms
Papaya Pack 60 gms
Papaya Moisturizer 50 gms
Loacto Bleach 50 gms