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Ergo Herbal Hair Pack Therapy
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Herbal Hair Pack

Ergo Herbal Hair Pack Therapy

Reduces hair fall

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Ergo Herbal Hair Pack Therapy

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Hair Pack: 7 Effects

1. Controls Dandruff
2. Controls Hair falling
3. No split ends
4. Helps in Re-growth of hair
5. Increases hair strength
6. Protects premature graying
7. Acts as a natural conditioner

Ergo ready to use re growth & revitalizing hair pack will stimulate hair growth while helps hair from premature graying. It will help add luster and sheen to hair. It will work as an excellent conditioner. It reduces hair fall.

Method of use:
Pour a few drops of water into the ready to use hair pack and stir well. Apply all over scalp and leave on for 45 to 55 minutes. Wash thoroughly with plain water. Ingredient: Amla powder, behead powder, harar powder, jaiphal tail, bael powder, jatamansl powder, bringaraj powder, kikar gond.