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Ergo Gold Facial Kit
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Ergo Facial Kit

Ergo Facial Kit

Natural herbal extract

J M D Cosmetics

Ergo Gold Facial Kit

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Step 1: Ergo Gold Cleanser:
It is gentle cleanses formulated from natural herbal extract and pure essential oils. It mildly cleanses removing the buildup of impurities on the face. It removes oily dirt, smoothens pores and boost circulation.

Mix a small amount of products with water in hands. Apply and massage in to skin with finger tips in a circular motion for 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 2: Ergo Gold Scrub:
Help in removing dead cells. Epidermis is refined. Tones and smoothens the skin making the complexion bright and even. Tightens skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 3: Ergo Gold Gel:
Skin firming gel enriched with aloe vera, olive oil & gold bhasma this great combination of ingredients gives your skin deep moisturizing, smooth fine lines, and maintain a youthful looking firm skin.

Direction: Take appropriate amount of gel and apply on face & neck. Gently massage till the gel gets in the skin.

Step 4: Ergo Gold Cream:
It is a lightweight cream that quickly removes dryness. It is absorbed quickly into the skin. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin and helps in reducing surface lines and wrinkles. Leaves the skin smooth and vibrant.

Apply cream all over the face and neck massage for 8 to 10 minutes in circular motion. Massage till it absorbed in to the skin. Remove it with moist cotton.

Step 5:
This pack boosts collagen formulation and firms skin making the epidermis calmer, smoother and firmer. This formula moisturizes the skin and helps to reduce visible signs of aging and premature aging.

Apply pack in a thick layer all over the face & neck area with fingertips. Avoid areas around eyes and leaves it till dries off. Remove it with moist cotton and wash off.

Step 6: Ergo Multi-Vitamin Gold Serum:
It reduces visible signs, skin becomes smooth & toned with lightened effect and gives your skin more radiant glow. Works all days to hydrate & repair skin, smoothen lines & deepest wrinkles.

Direction: Massage in circular in circular motion on the desired area. The serum penetrates into the skin & forms on uniform layer. Excellent for use after stimulating treatment.

Kit Content Net Content
Gold Cleanser 50 gms
Gold Scrub 50 gms
Gold Gel 50 gms
Gold Cream 50 gms
Gold Pack 60 gms
Multi-Vitamin 10 ml