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Imisedon Antacid
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Imis Imisedon Antacid Tablets

Imisedon Antacid

for Acute Hyper Acidity

Imisedon Antacid Tablets

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Acidity, Gastritis, Indigestion

For Acute Hyper Acidity

Absorbs accumulated gas.
Relieves bloating sensation of stomach.
Quick relief in colic pain.
Controls hyper acidity and indigestion.

Dosage of Imis Imisedon Antacid Tablets:

Two tablets twice a day with warm water or when ever required.

Composition of Imis Imisedon Antacid Tablets:

Each tablet contains

Sanskrit Name
Sankha bhasma
Pudina taila
Latin / English Name
Sodium bicarbonate
Potassium nitrate
Calx of Conch-shells
Peppermint oil
Percentage w/w
300 mg
50 mg
100 mg
0.003 ml