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Antanil Oil
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Imis Antanil Oil

Antanil Oil

Joint pain, Rheumatoid arthritis

Antanil Oil

Arthritis, Back pain

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Arthritis, Back pain, Joint pain, Rheumatoid arthritis

For external application Excellent combination of systemic and locally acting ingredients.
Provides fast, symptomatic relief.
Immediate relief in painful musculo-skeletal condition like lumbago, rheumatoid arthritis, osteo arthritis, sprains, muscle trauma and in sport injuries, sciatica, sprains, stiffness, frozen shoulder.
Direct pain relieving action.
Causes local vasodilatation.
Dosage of Imis Antanil Oil:

For external use only. Rub gently on the affected parts. To be applied to the affected part and rubbed gently. For faster relief, also use Antanil Caspules or Antanil Syrup or as Directed by Physician.

Composition of Imis Antanil Oil:

Sanskrit Name
Mahanarayana Taila
Prabhanjana Vimardana Taila
Balaswagandha Taila
Amavata Taila
Devdar Taila
Nilgiri Taila
Gandhapuro Taila
Pudina Sat
Latin / English Name
Eucalyptus oil
Oil Gultheria
3.2 ml
2.4 ml
1.6 ml
1.6 ml
0.6 ml
0.4 ml
0.16 ml
4.00 mg
0.80 mg