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« Antanil Capsules
Arthritis, Back pain, Joint pain, Rheumatoid arthritis
« Antanil Syrup
Arthritis, Back pain, Joint pain, Rheumatoid arthritis
« Antanil Oil
( Arthritis, Back pain, Joint pain, Rheumatoid arthritis )
« Anutaila
( Sinusitis, Nasal Drops for Nasya Therapy)
« Dhatuvrudhi Tablets
( Oligospermia, Premature Ejaculation, Sperm Motility Development )
« Eosinophal Tablets
Eosinophilia and Allergic Rhinitis)
« Gorochana Pills
( Ayurvedic Medicine )
« Hemheal Ointment
( Hemorrhoids (Piles))
« Imisedon-Antacid Tablets
( Acidity, Gastritis, Indigestion )
« Jessica
« Kandamula Rasayana
Hemorrhoids (Piles)
« Kasturi Pills
(Ayurvedic Medicine)
« Kumkumadi Lepana Cream
(For Acne, Fairness, Removes pimples, blemishes, scars, wrinkles)
« Madanakameswari Lehya
(Aphrodisiac, Impotence, Oligospermia, Premature ejaculation, Sexual problem , Sperm motility development)
« Madiphala Rasayana
(Ideal Syrup for Pregant Women to control Morning Sickness)
« Nakas Syrup
(Bronchial asthma, Cough Cold)
« Narasimha Lehya
(Improves vigor and strength, Promotes spermatogenesis)
« Pithorin Capsule
(Calculi (stones), Gallbladder stones)
« Ratnapurusha Lehya
(Improves vigor and strength)
« Safrozan Fairness Cream
(Acne, Fairness, Reduces Pimples, Wrinkles)
« Sankha Bhasma
(Ayurvedic Medicine)
« Sarasa Syrup
(Blood Purification, Skin Disorders)
« Siddha Makaradhwaja
(Ayurvedic Medicine)
« Tonic Compound
(Anemia, Calcium Support, General health, Geriatric problem, Menopause, Osteoporosis)
« Ecstasy Gold Capsules
Enriched with Siddhamakara Dhwaja Gold for sexual satisfaction, libido
« Sinduradi Lepana
Allergic Dermatitis, Fungal infection, Ringworm

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