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Gloss Hard
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Water Gloss Hard Hair Styling Gel

Water Gloss Hard - Hair Styling Gel

Creates active hairstyles like spiky & Mohawk


Water Glass Hard Gel

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Benefits of Water Gloss Hard Gel

GATSBY offers water based hair styling gel for men who love to experiment with their look everyday. The product offers strong hair setting power with glossy effect for long hours without worrying about the Indian humid weather.
GATSBY WATER GLOSS hair styling gel is quick drying, non-sticky and easy WATER wash off. Our extensive research and trials have proved that regular use of GATSBY WATER GLOSS hair gel does not cause hair fall or whitening of hair.

Extreme holding power

Super strong setting power creates active hairstyles like spiky & Mohawk

Special Features

Create dynamic hairstyles.
Able to hold hairstyle for a long time.
Non-sticky and easy to rinse with water.