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Garnier Essential Care Daily Moisturising Lotion
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Garnier Skin Naturals - Essential Care
Daily Moisturising Lotion
with Micro-Captors + Vitamin E [dermatologically tested]
Garnier Daily Moisturising Lotion
moisturises and protects skin, all day action
Garnier Daily Moisturising Lotion
Garnier Essential Care Daily Moisturising Lotion Oil Free

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Garnier Skin Naturals Essential Care Daily Moisturising Lotion

Moisturises and Protects Skin, all day action

Daily Moisturising Lotion
Is Garnier Daily mositurising lotion right for me?
Yes, if you have normal to oily skin and need all day moisturising.

How is it different?
Garnier Daily moisturising lotion is a special oil free lotion that gives your skin a natural glow without an oily shine. Also it is enriched with active ingredients that moisturise and protect your skin throughout the day.

How does Garnier Daily Moisturising Lotion work?
‘Micro-Captors’ absorb the ‘extra’ oil from the surface of your skin.
Vegetal Glycerol retains the skin's moisture reserves and protect it against drying, making your skin soft and smooth.
Vitamin E and UV Filter offer your skin protection throughout the day.
Vitamin E protects your skin’s delicate cellular membranes against free radicals, thereby reducing the signs of ageing.
The UV filters protect your skin from the harmful Ultra Violet rays of the sun.

How do I use Garnier Daily Moisturising Lotion?

  • Apply daily in the morning after cleansing skin with Garnier Gentle Cleansing Milk.
  • Gently massage into the skin using light circular movements, moving from the centre of your face outwards, and from the base of your neck to the top. It is an excellent base for make-up.

Garnier believes that beautiful skin is, first and foremost, healthy skin.

Garnier Skin Naturals Products

  • Use, wherever possible, active natural ingredients which have been carefully extracted to preserve their quality and purity.
  • Have been dermatologically tested to ensure respect to your skin.
We carefully select the sources of our active natural ingredients, ensuring they are grown and gathered in an environmentally friendly way.
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