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Fiama Di Wills
Mild Dew Bathing Bar
Sensuous Bathing Experience
Fiama Di Wills
Mild Dew Bathing Bar
Rejuvenate skin
Fiama Di Wills Mild Dew Bathing Bar

Worldwide :
460g (4 x 115g) : $16.95 x nos

Fiama Di Wills - Mild Dew Gel Bathing Soap
Revolutionary Liquid Crystal Freezing Technology

Benefits of Mild Dew Gel Bathing Soap

For moisturisation, Peach extracts soften and soothe skin. Avocado extracts rejuvenate skin from within.

Mild Dew Gel Bathing Bar

Created using the revolutionary Liquid Crystal Freezing Technology with the goodness of Peach and Avocado Extracts, the Fiama Di Will's Gel Bathing Bar is available in a Mild Dew variant that is mild and transparent with a fruity fragrance that lasts you through the day.

Gel Bathing Bar Wake up to luxurious bathing experience every day with Fiama Di Wills Shower Gel Bar Which gives you the experience of a shower gel in a unique bathing bar.

Made up of exotic natural ingredients like Peach, Avocado, Sea Weeds and Lemon Grass, the Shower Gel Bathing Bar is mild and transparent that gives you a long lasting fragrance which sees you through the day.

Skin Loves Proteins.

Enriched with plant-derived complex, Skinsense Soap is mild and helps enhance retention of skin proteins.

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