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Fiama Di Wills
Mild Dew Shower Gel
A Healthy & Moisturized Skin
Fiama Di Wills
Mild Dew Shower Gel
Your Skin Feeling Soft and Moisturised
Fiama Di Wills - Mild Dew Shower Gel

Worldwide :
200ml : $13.95 x nos
400ml (2 x 200ml) : $22.45 x nos
800ml (4 x 200ml) : $38.45 x nos

Fiama Di Wills - Mild Dew Shower Gel
Mild Dew Moisturising Care with Soft Beads

Fiama Di Wills Mild Dew is enriched with extracts of Peach and Avocado. Its unique moisture rich formula with luscious fragrance and indulgent lather.

More power to your shower.

A divine smelling daub of Fiama Di Wills shower gels is all it takes to invigorate your senses. Discover gentle care of jojoba beads, soft beads, extracts like black currant, peach & avocado in the Fiama Di Wills range of shower gels.

Mild Dew shower Gel:
Contains soft beads, Peach & avocado extracts, it leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Penetrates the skin evenly and quickly, making the skin smooth and moisturised as a result.

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