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Fiama Di Wills
Aqua Pulse Bathing Bar For Men
Rejuvenate, Re-energize Skin
Fiama Di Wills
Men Aqua Pulse Bathing Bar
Fresh + Protect
Fiama Di Wills Men Aqua Pulse Bathing Bar

Worldwide :
100g : $11.95 x nos
200g (2 x 100g) : $14.45 x nos
400g (4 x 100g) : $24.95 x nos

Fiama Di Wills - Men Aqua Pulse Bathing Bar
Revitalize, Brightens, Re-energize Skin

Forget the regular bath and enjoy a new refreshing bathing experience with FIAMA DI WILLS Men Aqua Pulse Bathing Bar. It will invigorate your senses with its stimulating fragrance.

We have specially crafted this unique bathing bar keeping in mind your active lifestyle. It is enriched with exotic natural extracts of Sea Minerals and Blue Lotus, and its Active Defence Complex keeps you protected and refreshed.

The distinctive design of the soap and its striking packaging revives you every time you pick it up for a revitalizing bathing experience

Aqua Pulse Men Bathing Bar

Blue Lotus Extracts :

Cleanse skin of impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells.

Sea Minerals:
Stabilize skin's moisture content and replenish skin from within.

Active-Defense Complex:
Gives long-lasting protection for healthy skin.

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