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Fem Turmeric Professional Body Bleach

for Fair Soft Glowing Body

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Turmeric Professional Body Bleach
For Fair Soft Glowing Body
Specially customized for body skin
Fem Turmeric Professional Body Bleach

Turmeric Professional Body Bleach
with Extra Moisturization

Net Weight : 1 kg
Cream Bleach : 875g
Powder Activator : 125g
Pack contains : Pack 1 No of 875g + Packs 5 No of 25g(125g) = 1 Kg

1 Kg : $46.45 X nos

Fem Turmeric Professional Body Bleach
For Fair Soft Glowing Body

Why body Turmeric Body Bleach for body skin and not any ordinary bleach?
The skin of our body is different from our facial skin. Not only is it darker than the face but also coarser. It accumulates dirt, gets tanned and becomes further darker and drier with time.
Climate such as strong sunrays, humidity, heat and pollution cause dark patches. Body parts such as neck, elbows, arms, back, stomach etc. starts looking darker when compared to a glowing face.
While Fem Bleach when used on the face removes the monthly dullness in just 15 minutes giving you healthy fairness, facial bleach is not adequately effective on the body.
Fem Body Bleach not only helps in lighten tough patches/spots, remove tan but it also hydrates your skin, making your body soft and fair, matching it your fair and glowing face.

Why Fem Turmeric Body Bleach?
Fem has years of expertise in facial bleaches. And it uses this same experience to formulate Fem Turmeric Body Bleach, specially customized for the Indian body skin type.
Only Fem Turmeric Body Bleach is enriched with Turmeric and Milk moisturisers. These ingredients have been used for years in our Indian household to make "Ubtan" popularly known to lighten & improve complexion. Fem Turmeric Body Bleach is enriched with these ingredients to give an instant and long lasting fairness along with smooth silky skin.

How does Fem Turmeric Body Bleach work?
Turmeric (Popularly known as Haldi/Manjal) is known to

  • Lighten Suntan and Spots
  • Improve Skin Tone
  • Open Clogged Pores

Milk moisturisers along with other ingredients

  • Improves skin moisturisation and makes skin soft
  • Smoothens skin texture

How to use Fem Turmeric Body Bleach?
The pack contains a jar of 875g of Bleach Cream
5 containers of 25g of activator powder in each pack.

The ratio of mixing the cream bleach & activator powder is as follows:
With 7g of cream and 1g of powder activator, mix the required amount needed to bleach body part. Mix thoroughly in a plate till the powder dissolves completely and no granules are felt. Apply on the area you want to bleach. Leave it on for 15 minutes and remove either with wet sponge or wash off with plain water.

Please do patch test of the Fem Turmeric Body Bleach mixture on your arm before you put it on the other parts of your body.

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