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Oxylife Professional Facial Kit

Face that glows with life

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Oxylife Professional Facial Kit
Face that glows with life
with Unique Oxysphere Technology
Oxylife Professional Facial Kit

Oxylife Professional Facial Kit
with Unique Oxysphere Technology - Oxygen for Skin Care

Kit contains:
Packs 4 Nos of 55g + Pack 1 No of 65g = 285g

Oxy Face Cleanser - 55g
Oxy Face Scrub - 55g
Oxy Face Cream - 55g
Oxy Face Gel - 55g
Oxy Face Pack - 65g

1 Kit : $49.45 X nos

Oxylife Professional Facial Kit
Oxygen for Skin Care
Face that glows with life
with Unique Oxysphere Technology

Why Choose Oxylife Professional Facial Kit?
Women visiting parlors for facials have common problems like

  • Uneven & Patchy Skin
  • Clogged Pores
  • Dull Complexion
  • Lack of Glow

which make skin appear sapped out of life.

These are signs of unhealthy skin, one of the reasons for which is lack of Oxygen in the skin!

Oxylife Professional Facial gives a high boost of Pure Oxygen to help revive dull, tired and fatigued skin which ordinary facials do not give.

How is Oxylife Professional Facial Different?
Oxylife Professional Facial introduces for the first time a facial kit with unique OxySphere technology.

OxySphere technology works as below:

  • Enables pure oxygen molecule to be trapped in each product of the kit.
  • Oxygen is released from products at the time of application.
  • These Oxygen enriched products are designed to go inside skin to give better results.

The products in the kit work in a 5 step process to infuse Pure Oxygen and help give visibly radiant face glowing with life.

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