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Gold Creme Bleach
(With Real Gold)

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Fem Gold Creme Bleach
(With Real Gold)
Fem Gold Creme Bleach (With Real Gold)

Fem Gold Creme Bleach (With Real Gold) - Golden Glow - Fairness in 15 min - For all Skin Types

Pack Contains :
Net Weight : 26.4g
Cream Bleach - 11g
Herbal Powder Activator - 2g
Pre-Bleach Cream - 1g
Post-Bleach Cream - 1g
52.8g (2 X 26.4g) : $17.95 X Nos
105.6g (4 X 26.4g) : $26.95 X Nos

Net Weight : 237.6g
Creme Bleach - 216g
Powder Activator - 21.6g

237.6g : $28.95 X Nos

Fem gold Creme Bleach
- With Real Gold

The Creme in fem gold creme bleach contains "Pure Gold"which has been specially chosen to give your skin that instant golden glow.

Choose fem gold cream bleach with real gold for the best golden glow that your face can get. Its unique cream moisturizes the skin as it bleaches, to give SOFT, SUPPLE and RADIANT skin, so you stand out in all your "special moments".

Instructions for use of Fem Gold Cream Bleach:

1. Wash face with tap water. Pat dry.

2. Mix the contents of cream: activator in the ratio of 6g cream with 0.6g of activator.

For a single use pack of 6.6 g you can mix the entire jar of powder into the cream tub and mix well. The quantity is sufficient for face and neck. In case of a large pack, maintain the same ratio of cream:activator
6.6g packs is for 1 uses
26.4g packs is for 4 uses
237.6g pack is for 36 uses

Press shut the power activator tube after use properly.

3. With the help of the given spatula mix the cream bleach and the powder activator for 2 whole minutes till the powder completely dissolves in the cream.

4. Using a spatula or finger, apply the mixture on the area to be bleached taking care to cover all hair to be bleached. Avoid application on eyebrows and around the eyes.

5. Allow application to remain for 15 minutes only. For Stronger bleach of facial hair, the appliacation can be kept on for futher 5 minutes. For darker to wheatish skin type this may not be required.

General instruction :

Wash off with tap water only. Do not use soap for 5 hours after bleaching.

Note :

1 : When using FEM GOLD CREME BLEACH for the first tim, prepare a small appliacation as per instructions and apply it on arm or behind the ear. If excess irritation occurs, you are allergic to the product, if not, you may proceed with the application.

2 : The effect of the bleach lasts for 2-3 weeks. However FEM GOLD CREME BLEACH can be used again after 21days.

3 : If used as per instructions, FEM GOLD CREME BLEACH is harmless, has no side effects.

4 : Use FEM GOLD CREME BLEACH for all skin types.


1. Mild irritation is natural during bleaching.
2. FEM GOLD CREME BLEACH does not remove hair but only bleaches i.e Changes the colour of the hair to match your skin colour.
3. FEM GOLD CREME BLEACH removes suntan. It makes your complexion glow.

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