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Fem OxyLife Professional Natural Radiance 5 Creme Bleach

Oxygen Power With Skin Radiance Serum

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OxyLife Professional Natural Radiance 5 Creme Bleach
Gentle & mild for even sensitive skin
With Pre-Bleach Cream & Post-Bleach Skin Radiance Serum

OxyLife Natural Radiance 5 Cream Bleach

Oxy Bleach Professional Naural Radiance 5 Creme Bleach
with Unique Oxysphere Technology

Oxy Bleach Professional Creme Bleach Pack 310g Contains:
Creme Bleach - 210g
Powder Activaor - 30g (2 Nos of 15g)
Pre-Bleach Cream - 35g
Post-Bleach Skin Radiance Serum - 35g

310g : $27.45 X nos


Oxy Bleach Professional Creme Bleach
No Added Ammonia 30 uses

Oxylife Professional Natural Radiance 5 Creme Bleach comes with pre and post bleach care. Its Pre-Bleach cream is enriched with Vitamin E which form a protective shield on the skin to give an enhanced bleaching experience and make this bleach suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

The Post-Bleach Skin Radiance Serum is formulated with unique Oxysphere Technology which enables pure oxygen molecules to be released at the time of application. The serum gives additional boost of oxygen to the face and help nourish skin for enhanced radiance.

How does Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Cream Bleach Work?
Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Creme Bleach enriched with Active Oxygen and unique Post-Bleach Skin Radiance serum brightens and nourishes skin to help solve 5 fairness problems and give naturally radiant skin instantly.

  1. Dark Spots
  2. Uneven Skin Tone
  3. Dull Skin
  4. Dead skin Cells
  5. Suntan

Instructions for use of Oxy Life Professional Natural Radiance 5 Cream Bleach :

  1. Wash face with plain water. Pat dry. Pour out the entire quantity of pre-bleach cream from the sachet on the palm and apply it on the area to be bleached.
  2. Take Creme Bleach and Powder Activator in the ratio of 7:1 and mix them well. i.e. take 7g cream bleach and one tube of powder activator and use the tray provided for mixing.
  3. Using the spatula provided, mix the creme bleach and powder activator for 2 minutes till powder activator completely dissolves in the cream.
  4. Use the spatula to apply the mixture on the area to be bleached. Avoid application on eyebrows and around the eyes.
  5. Allow application to remain for the suggested time given under 'Recommended Time'.
  6. Wash off the application with plain water.
  7. Apply the post-bleach skin radiance serum on the bleached area and see your skin get radiant fairness.

When does you skin need oxygen ?

  • If your skin lacks glow
  • If you are often exposed to harsh sunlight
  • If you are exposed to dirt and pollution
  • If you skin looks dull and dark
  • If you lead a stressful life.
If you have answered 'Yes' to any of these, then your skin needs 'Oxygen' to rejuvenate it and give it a glow full of life.

How does Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Creme Bleach provide Oxygen to the skin?

  • When OxyLife Natural Radiance 5 Creme Bleach is applied on the skin, pure oxygen is released.
  • The scientifically formulated OxyLife Natural Radiance 5 Cream Bleach has micro structurants which help prevent the released oxygen from escaping into the atmosphere.
  • The oxygen carries active ingredients into your skin, Nourishing, Energizing, Protecting it.

Important :

  • Do not worry if you experience mild irritation during bleaching
  • Bleach should be used once in every 2-3 weeks.
  • Do not use soap for 5 hours after bleach.
  • Avoid going into sunlight immediately.
  • Do not apply very close to the eyes.

Recommended Time

Your Skin Tone Darker Wheatish Fair
Suggested Time up to 10 minutes Up to 15 minutes At least 15 minutes or more

(The exact time required for bleaching will depend on your skin type which can be fixed by personal experience).

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