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Pearl Professional Fairness Cream Bleach
Pearl Glow For Wheatish Skin

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Fem Pearl Fairness Cream Bleach
Milk, Pearl and blueberry

Fem Pearl Fairness Cream Bleach

Specially Formulated for : Wheatish to dark skin tone

Fem Pearl Fairness Cream Bleach Milk & Pearl - Brings Fairness in 15 minutes

52.8g : $17.45 X nos

Net Weight: 52.8g
Creme Bleach - 48g
Powder Activator - 4.8g

264g : $26.45 X nos

Net Weight: 304g
Creme Bleach - 240g
Powder Activator - 24g

Pre-Bleach Cream : 40g

Fem Fairness Cream Bleach
With New Pre-Bleach Cream - Dermatologically Tested

Whats New about Fem Fairness Creme Bleach?

New Fem Pearl and Milk lightens skin tone and removes sun tan to give pearl like healthy glow.

Introducing the 1st ever Fem Pearl Professional Bleach with New Pre-Bleach Cream only for parlour use.  Specially customized for skin experts and beauticians, this professional pack has a unique New Pre-Bleach Cream enriched with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Glycerin that prepares skin before bleaching and minimizes irritation to give a healthier and safer bleaching experience. It is dermatologically tested and comes with a unique innovative Fem Safeuse Spoon. It is a pre-measured spoon for both cream and activator powder which ensures that the mixing ratio is correct and your customer gets a safe bleaching experience.

Benefits of Fem Pearl Fairness Cream Bleach :

  • Best suited for wheatish to dark skin tones
  • With the essence of Milk & Pearl
  • Fixed pre-ratios for best result each time
  • Instant fairness in 15 minutes   
  • No tears. Pleasant & fruity experience of bleaching
  • Soothing blue colour

Fem convenience :

Fem Bleach gives healthy fairness in just 15 minutes. It now comes with a SafeUse Spoon for both crème and activator to provide care and convenience to our users.

First time users :

When using Fem Fairness Crème Bleach for the first time, prepare a small application as per instructions and apply it on your arm or behind the ear. If excess irritation occurs, you are allergic to the product. If not, you may proceed with the application.

Directions for use of Fem Pearl Fairness Cream Bleach :

  • Mix the contents of creme and activator in the ration of 6g creme with 0.6g activator.
  • In case of the 6.6g single use pack, empty the activator powder into the the creme tub and mix well.
  • The quantity is sufficient for application on face and neck.
  • In case of a larger pack, maintain the same ratio of the creme and activator.
  • Using a spatula or a clean finger, apply the mixture on the area to be bleached taking care to cover all hair to be bleached.
  • Keep for not more than 15 minutes
  • Avoid application of bleach around the eyes. (eyebrows, eyelids, etc)
  • Mild irritation is normal while bleaching. However if it starts itching or burning, remove immediately.
  • Remove using cold water and pat dry.
  • Please shut the powder activator tub properly after use.

Fem Bleach comes in 5 Varients

Saffron Bleach :
If you have fair complexion and face a problem of patchy skin, dark facial hair the switch to Saffron Fairness. It lightens facial hair, evens out skin tone to give healthy fairness that lasts longer.

Pearl Bleach :
If you have wheatish to dark complexion then switch to the magic of pearls as it gives dusky skin a pearl like healthy glow.

Gold Bleach :
is enriched with Real gold, which gives unmatched long lasting golden glow for those special occasions where you need to stand out.

Herbal Bleach :
If you have sensitive skin then switch to Fem Herbal 1st ever No Ammonia* Bleach which is mild on the skin and has 16 fairness herbs from Kumkumadi Tailam. It comes with a pre-bleach cream that helps reduce irritation or rashes while bleaching.

Turmeric Herbal Bleach :
Introducing new Turmeric Herbal No Ammonia*Bleach that is inspired from home made ubtan. With the power of turmeric, it lightens skin tone giving a healthy glow. Turmeric is known to have antiseptic properties that reduce skin irritation while bleaching. It is suited for all skin types.

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