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Fairness Cream
Now with More Saffron, Licorice, Milk.

Natural Fairever Fairness Cream with Saffron Whitening Essence, Licorice & Milk
Fair and Soft Skin
Fairever Fairness Cream with Saffron, Licorice, Milk

Fairever Fairness Cream

  • Visibly fairer skin
  • Visible Dark spot reduction
  • Oil-free look & fresh looking skin
50g : $9.45 X  nos
100g(50g x 2): $12.95 X  nos
200g(50g x 4): $21.45 X  nos

Get Fair Naturally in 4 Weeks

New Natural Fairever gives you superior fairness in 4 weeks. The cream with "Saffron Whitening Essence" and "Softening milk proteins" penetrate deep within, working cell by cell, fights all the signs of skin darkening to give you unmatched fairness, reducing melanin content, and making your skin soft and visibly fairer.

Still worried about a few blemishes?
Man has always regarded Saffron as a natural treasure. And why not?. Saffrons benefits are innumerable; it provided resistance to the plague, it was used as a dye food and fabric or as a cure for anything from depression to battle wounds.
Now Natural Fairever brings you the power of this wonder herb. It uses Kashmir Saffron, the best Saffron, to reduce the melanin content in your skin and to remove blemishes and scars. Giving you flawless fairness in just four weeks. Natural Fairever has pure milk as well, which nourishes your skin from within, keeping it soft and sensuously supple. So discover your natural fairness today.

Discover Natural Fairever with Kashmir saffron
The ancient Chinese have documented 252 medical uses of Saffron. Sun Protection is just one of them. Saffron provide a natural sunscreen. Making it the only fairness cream that improves your complexion even under harsh sunlight.

Result : Upto 4 tone improvement in 4 weeks.

Key Ingredients : Saffron Milk, Licorice Extract, and other contents.

Usage Instructions :
Apply cream by gently massaging on clean face and neck area using small upward circular movements. Use twice a day for best results. Does not contain bleach. Suitable for all skin types.