Derma Care Light & Clear Face Wash
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Everyuth Derma Care Light & Clear Face Wash


Fruit Derma Care Light & Clear Face Wash

EverYouth Naturals

Derma Care Light & Clear Face Wash


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Derma Care Light & Clear Face Wash

EverYuth - Derma care Face wash Light and clear With active mini capsules Deep Cleanse remove skin impurities lighten complexion Daily Cleansing Image is Indicative, It is an advanced breakthrough formulation that effectively cleanses & clears the skin. It also has advanced hydrating & moisturising properties that give your skin natural nourishment.

How does it work?

Fruit(Apple) Extracts:
The unique Mili Capsules contain Natural Kojic Acid & Saffron, which get absorbed deeply into your facial skin and effectively cleanse out impurities and lighten your complexion.

This Face Wash has a unique 3 way action:

Lightens skin colour, improves texture & clarifies complexion.
Clears pigmentation, dark patches, skin discolouration & blemishes.
Provides natural nourishment to the skin.
Key Ingredients:

Natural Kojic Acid:
An internationally acclaimed skin lightening agent.
Proven skin lightening agent.
Fruit PHAs(Poly Hydroxy Acids):
Have advanced hydrating and moisturising properties.
Direction for use:
Wet your face. Squeeze out a small quantity of the product onto your palms. Crush mili capsules and gently massage on the face. Rinse off with water and pat your skin dry. Use Daily. For best results, apply Everyuth Derma Care Light & Clear Skin Lightening Creme daily.