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Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil
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Emami Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil

Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil

Natural calmative and relaxation agent

Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil

Helps soften skin by increasing and restoring its ability to retain moisture.

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Latin Name :Santalum Album
Family :Santalaceae

Benefits of Emami Sandalwood Essential Oil :

    Sandalwood oil has both a soothing and a moisturising effect and thus it refreshes skin.
    Sandalwood oil used to prevent marks and scars on the face and fights a skin condition called eczema.
    Sandalwood oil relieves itching and inflammation of the skin, and is most effective in relieving dehydrated skin.
Properties of Emami Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil :

    The most common ancient oil known for soothing body and mind.
    A useful and gentle essential oil good for certain skin conditions.
    Also helps heal scars and keeps skin smooth and free from external infection.
Applications of Emami Aroma Miracle Sandalwood Essential Oil

    Bath : Add 6-8 drops to a tub
    Massage : Dilute 3-4 drops of oil into 5ml of any oil or cream
    Diffuser : Add 5-8 drops
    Inhalation : Add 3-4 drops