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Himani Navratna Extra Thanda Oil
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Himani Navratna Extra Thanda Oil

Himani Navratna Extra Thanda Oil

Himani Navratna Extra Thanda Oil

100% Ayurvedic Cool

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Navratna, World's No.1 Ayurvedic Cool Oil Brand, presents Navaratna Extra Thanda Oil

An Unique scientific blend of superior herbs & precious cooling ingredients: It keeps you extra cool and provides very effective relief from fatigue & other chronic stress syndromes like tension, headache & sleeplessness. The enriching experience of Navratna Extra Thanda ensures stress free life for you & your family.

Himani Navratna Oil Extra Thanda An Excellent Cool Oil

Effective relief from:
    1. Stress and tension
    2. Headache and migraine
    3. Sleeplessness
    4. Body ache and joint pain.
    5. Premature hair fall and unnatural baldness
    6. Scalp ailments viz. dandruff and itching.
    7. Minor burns, cuts and bruises.
    8. Sprain and muscular pain.
    9. Tiredness by toning up muscles and nerves

Navratna Oil Extra Thanda

Each 100ml contains extracts of: Kshir Kakoli, Mandukparni 100mg each, Lata Kasturi, Sailaja, Nagarmotha, Karchur 200mg each, Kunch, Japa Pushpa 250mg each, Bhringaraj, Hriber 50mg each, Amla 1000mg, Pudina ka Phool 2000mg, Pudina Ka Tel 500mg, Karpoor 500mg, Base q.s.

    Japa Pushpa
    Kshir Kakoli
    Pudinaka Tel
    Pudinaka Phool
    Lata Kasturi
    - 30 mg
    - 37.5 mg
    - 7.5 mg
    - 30 mg
    - 15 mg
    - 7.5 mg
    - 500 mg
    - 2500 mg
    - 500 mg
    - 30 mg
    - 150 mg
    - 15 mg
    - 30 mg